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Can sometimes be negative for relationships if the controlling aspects to this placement are indeed prominent. Moon - Venus Aspects Moon conjunct Venus If prominent in the native chart, they have a calm and gentle presence. There is a strong appreciation for love, beauty, and art. Generally all around affectionate, charming, and trusting. Strong motherly character to them. A very good placement for people who wish to have children as it symbolizes harmonious family life.

Moon sextile or trine Venus Quite similar to the conjunction in the sense that they are very artistic. Blessed with charm and attractiveness. Financially a good placement as well, money is hardly an issue unless badly afflicted somewhere else in the chart. The trine comes more naturally than the sextile.

Moon square Venus Difficult and afflicted position for Venus. The individual feels a sense of melancholy around the idea of love and beauty, there may be some insecurities around that as well. There are strong insecurities to bring the effeminate side of the person out, they hide it through aggressiveness and toughness. To overcome this hard aspect, the person needs to accept genuine love where it is given, do not shut it out.

Financially, the individual should look to earthy aspects in their chart to handle money better and for stability. Work on being more loving unconditionally. Moon opposite Venus This aspect is not as difficult to handle as the square, but there is work involved.

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There are fears of being unloved and difficulties with handling finances. Again, accept genuine love where it is given and give love where it is deserved. I feel this aspect can also be overcome by a strong relationship between them and their lover or them and the mother. Disconnection of the mother through this aspect tends to have very negative affects on the individual.

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Venus conjunct Mars While conjunctions are commonly seen as harmonious, they are actually in fact neutral and in this case, the powerful combination of Venus and Mars can actually be quite difficult. Depending on where Venus and Mars are positioned will depict just how this aspect will act the Venus side of this aspect may smother Mars if Venus is in an empowering sign and vice versa. The overpowering Venus will favour fairness, love, and harmony, but will also be lazy, superficial, etc.

Lust and power could be a big thing for Mars placed here. Can make the individual moody and reckless, but brave. Both extremes can be balanced by focusing on the one that is being weakened. Venus sextile or trine Mars Harmony between the spirit and animal self. Makes a strong, enthusiastic, courageous character.

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Very good placement for health, makes for a generally robust and healthy body. Great love of life and they tend to just effortlessly tread through life like a warrior. Affectionate and kind.

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  4. Makes the individual magnetically attractive to the opposite sex. Mars will put any sort of Venus related talents to work and may prefer Venus related activities, but can also do well in athletic fields as well. Venus square Mars Quite a difficult aspect that needs taming and it can manifest in different ways. From what some astrologers have observed, this aspect can create conflict with family life; this could range anywhere from quarrels or unfortunate family events.

    It does not doom romantic relationships, but it does stir up drama. Creates a jealous and possessive character and should try to work on eliminating this trait. In masculine individuals, it can make them harsh, unloving, or unruly; this must be tamed in order to find a healthy, happy, permanent mate. Careful who you marry or dedicate your life to; avoid marrying young or marry wisely. Sex drive is either too much or very little with this aspect.

    Usually impatient and many unfulfilled desires. Look to what houses are involved with this aspect because what this aspect comes down to is conflict between passion and harmony to whichever houses are involved. Harmonious aspects to Saturn can calm this position down.

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    Aside from the negativity this aspect gives off, it can create an extremely passionate and driven character. Venus opposite Mars Oppositions represent outer forces creating conflict. This aspect has many of the same difficulties and tendencies as the square, but it is much easier to escape its framework with conscious movements away from its negative energy. People who are more feminine ruled will develop overly sensitive traits and attract men who are aggressive and licentious.

    People who are masculine ruled likely have aggressive and touchy traits and attract overly sensitive and submissive women into their lives.

    Either way, both characters come on too strong. This aspect also represents conflict with the opposite sex; that can be manifested in many ways like oppression, difficult parents, etc. Just like the square, it can create a very passionate and driven character. But yes, this is considered one of the best aspects a natal chart can have as it represents a very artistically developed character with great appreciation for beauty and absolute gracefulness. Popularity and prosperity also come from this aspect. Venus sextile or trine Jupiter Many of the same benefits as the conjunctions, less of the negative traits as they are more controlled with these aspects.

    The sextile needs to actually be put to work to achieve the benefits whereas the trine makes them come naturally to the individual.


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    There is also a strong interest in religion and attunement to the Higher Self. May be foolish with money; if this is controlled, the individual can be quite prosperous though. Individuals with this placement should be wary of the consumption of alcohol and fatty, rich foods as the liver is sensitive with this aspect. Venus opposite Jupiter Again, like I mentioned in the square, negative Jupiter aspects can still possess the same benefits as the trine or sextile. Often times the issues, whether they be financial, or romantic, or etc.

    So yes, there is a lack of lovingness from this aspect, but it is because Saturn is making Venus cautious in love and considerate of their own feelings. Saturn will restrict the use of money as well; an individual with this aspect can be quite stingy, even possibly to the point of being a Ebenezer Scrooge.

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    It is, however, perfectly okay to be careful with finances, but it is the selfishness that could create a problem; it will attract equally selfish people. An individual with this aspect may not even see what is described above as an issue to them; they may think that ultimately, their duty to serve on in this life is more important than beauty, love, etc.

    If however, what is described sounds troubling to a Venus conjunct Saturn individual, the best way to overcome these issues is sacrifice. Venus sextile or trine Saturn Creates a character of absolute loyalty and dependability. Takes love very seriously and will not waste time with careless people; they value commitment.

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    Is patient with love; one of the most important factors in love is to know that love is patient, therefore you must be patient with love. Like the conjunction, the individual can be quite careful with finances, but not to the point of being stingy.

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    A great amount of spiritual strength and survival skills is developed with this aspect from either past-life hardships or early-life hardships. Venus square Saturn This aspect is what many astrologers consider karmic debt. Saturn freezes Venus when the aspect is tight on this one. It reaps disappointment through love. Loneliness is inflicted on themselves. The first case would be especially true if this aspect is connected to the fourth house or even the first house.

    The second case would be true if this aspect is connected to one of the houses involving relationships like the seventh house. Venus - Saturn aspects also hint to greed which may be true with the square. Venus opposite Saturn Some of the same negative encounters with this aspect as the square , but the problems arise mostly through outer forces like the people they meet; the outer forces are reflecting past-life behaviours.

    The effects of this aspect are easily avoidable by consciousness and choice; you can choose to be happy, you can choose what people or things effect you. Venus conjunct Uranus Eccentricity draws people to this individual; it is creative, dynamic, unique, and ultimately attractive to others.

    Venus trine or sextile Uranus These individuals could easily be described as fascinating. Has the same magnetism and artistic genius as the conjunction. In every thing that Venus entails, Uranus is going to put some surprise twists in there; brings love, prosperity, and events from unexpected places. The sudden events and changes will always be in favour of the individual.