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He has been there delivering a Yogic Astrology Journey Retreat.

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Maybe you started a new art project, love relationship, or other creative endeavor? Perhaps both of these oppositions occurring now point to both long term goals and short term projects coming to a head and wanting to manifest out in the external world?

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May it be peaceful and loving and powerful! Turkey looks absolutely beautiful. I have never actually been to Turkey but watching his videos and hearing about what he has seen and heard about in Turkey is making me want to visit. You can find out more about New Paradigm Astrology here. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Disagreements over policy and how to proceed will continue, between the parties and within them. The forces for rapid evolution that intensified in this decade have not completed their work.

The stress and abrasion are actually magnified in the first quarter of , with short February being particularly volatile. Religious differences take on a stronger role and the science-versus-religion debate intensifies. Although the totality is concentrated in a small swath and will be very brief, its impact could be huge. Since the Sun represents the leader and the Moon signifies the people, as the Moon blocks the Sun in this eclipse, it points to a time for the people to wield power over their leader.

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Two weeks later less than 24 hours before the full moon peak of the lunar cycle begun at the eclipse , Mercury ends a retrograde backtrack at the same degree as the eclipse. Mercury represents news and information, and the terminus of a retrograde is a stoppage. Will the President try to clamp down on the press or limit the internet in some way? The trend toward a hotter and hotter world. Each year sets a new record for global temperature.

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And this may be symbolic of hot heads, making it harder and harder for everyone to get along. What can you do? Surprise yourself, take a risk, try something new. Know your true self and bring out your highest potentials, for your own advantage and for the benefit of the greater whole.

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